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DIY Dorm Decor

For this RUSH event, we set decided to spend an hour bonding over crafts. I prepared a lot of simple paper+string+paint crafts and let the brothers and rushees add their own creative elements.

We had about 15 attendees, which was a cozy crowd but also helpful in terms of sharing supplies and spending time with each rushee. Starting off, as always, with an icebreaker:

In this icebreaker, each person went through their basic intros (name, year, etc) and would list fun facts about themselves or hobbies until someone else who had that same thing would raise their hand. The first person would hold onto one end of the string and toss the ball. We repeated this until everyone was connected!

The actual activity included whiteboard posters, which a lot of people used to draw their own wall calendars. Most people did the coffee filter flowers, which was a fun medium-level craft with a lot of room for creativity. I saw people coloring their flowers and even dipping them in watercolors.

The coffee filter flowers were my favorite activity because they were so simple to make but looked great on string or hanging with some fairy lights. Each flower took only about a minute and 5-6 filters to make, and everyone caught on really fast. I was impressed; I had thought that I would be doing a lot more running around answering questions.

Running this event made me want to do more arts and crafts related events for the brotherhood. Everyone was eager to put their own spin on each of the designs and were a lot more creative and patient with the paper than I was!

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