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APOpella is APO’s premiere a capella group, started by me and Bhavya Bhushan last semester as a way for mediocre singers to just have fun and make music together!

We usually meet once a week and start our practices with quick intros and some kind of warm up exercise, whether its tongue twisters, singing Disturbia in nasal voices, or learning how to beat box. Usually at this point we all feel pretty comfortable around each other and are ready to sing! We have a few songs we’ve been working on for a few months and we usually split up the songs into people doing the main singing, people doing backup harmonies and vocals, and people beatboxing and making funny noises in the background (my favorite is random wind noises), We sometimes get inspiration from a capella performances of the songs done by other groups or remixes of songs.

This fellowship has been a great way to be creative musically, even though I’m an absolutely terrible singer! The people who have come have so much enthusiasm and everyone brings different ideas to the table- we’ve talked about having a charity concert, having choreography and props to our songs, and doing a remix of APO’s toast song. No matter where this group goes, I’ve had a lot of fun being goofy and singing with this group of people, and I’m excited for more people to come to this fellowship and make music with us!

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